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Jell-O Lab

A mixed reality mobile experience to promote family bonding and enable digital transformation for Jell-O brand.

My Role
UX/UI Design
Figma, Unity, AI, Augmented Reality
Jell-O Lab


Jell-O Creature Lab is a Deeplocal partnered project focused on making traditional Jell-O into a playful mobile AR experience that promotes interactive play among kids and parents.

I am the UX/UX designer in the team, where I leverage the playful nature of jello and seamlessly blend physical and mixed reality interactions for immersive gaming experiences.

Design Process

Service Blueprint

My first step is to map out and visualize the entire user journey, including physical and digital interactions, to ensure a seamless and engaging experience. It helps identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for improvement to deliver a holistic and delightful gaming service.

Stage 1: Physical Experience Making Jello

Stage 2: Augmented Reality Experience

Stage 3: Physical & Digital Experience

Stage 4: Post Game Experience

UI Design System

I then crafted high-fidelity UI design systems, adhering to two core principles:

  1. Jello-inspired aesthetics: The UI elements are designed to resemble the playful and wobbly nature of jello, incorporating vibrant colors, soft curves, and organic shapes to evoke a sense of fun and whimsy.
  2. Clear visibility in AR environment: The UI elements are designed with clarity in mind, ensuring that they stand out prominently in the AR environment. Attention is given to contrast, legibility, and appropriate sizing to enhance visibility.

Final Prototype

Step 1 of the experience begins with a tactile journey, where families receive an immersive experience package, accompanied by captivating 3D animations within the app, further enhancing the engagement and excitement.

In step 2 of the experience, users delve into the world of augmented reality. By scanning the cut-out jello, it comes to life within the AR game, inviting users to embellish it with expressive eyes and a delightful mouth, adding a touch of personalization and whimsy to their virtual creation.

Step 3 of the experience offers a unique hybrid encounter, where users cut out jello in various colors and feed it to their jello creature. Through this interactive process, users teach their virtual companion different emotions and foster an engaging bond.

In the final step of the experience, users are invited to capture a memorable moment by taking a delightful photo alongside their lovable jello monster, immortalizing the bond forged throughout the immersive journey in a cherished snapshot.


The game underwent extensive playtesting, engaging with a diverse audience of 30 participants. Additionally, a successful playtest was conducted during an open house event at the client's venue, where the game received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.


User Engagement

The use of jello-inspired visuals and the combination of physical and mixed reality interactions resulted in a highly engaging and immersive user experience.

Integration of AR Technology

By seamlessly integrating augmented reality technology, the game provided a unique and captivating experience that blended the physical and digital realms.

Successful Playtesting

Conducting playtests with a diverse audience helped identify areas of improvement and validate the game's design, ensuring a polished and satisfying user experience.