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I design to transform ideas into tangible realities

Born and raised in Shanghai, I moved to California in 2017 to pursue my studies while embarking on my career as a product designer.
Striving to construct a spiritual world that serves its purpose and offers enriching experiences and meaningful connections.

My Design Philosophy


Design with purpose

Purpose-driven designs, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality to create meaningful and impactful solutions that resonate with users.


Collaboration fuels creativity

Collaboration fosters a creative ecosystem, where diverse expertise and perspectives converge to inspire innovation and drive the creation of exceptional user experiences.


Data-informed decision-making

Harnessing the power of data, I make informed decisions that shape user experiences, ensuring seamless interactions and measurable results.


Continuous learning and growth

Committed to lifelong learning, constantly seeking growth opportunities to stay at the forefront of design trends, technologies, and methodologies.


Adaptable and versatile

Adept at navigating various platforms and emerging technologies, ready to tackle new challenges and deliver outstanding user experiences.