VR/AR 3D Prototyping

Building Virtual Worlds

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VR/AR 3D Prototyping


Designed user flow and made 3D/2D artwork and make prefabs in Unity for five projects in interdisciplinary teams utilizing Oculus, Hololens, HTC vive and Tobii eye tracker


Team Project - Unreal Engine CG project (2 months)

My role- 3D molding in Maya

An award-nominated short film made to discuss the cyclical nature of Buddhist reincarnation as seen through the eyes of a protagonist who is able to "wake up" from the illusory world and see reality for what it is.

Shadow Island

Team Project - Unity VR project (2 weeks)

My role- 3D molding in Maya / 2D illustration

You are the tribal monkey chief on Shadow Island - a desert island inhabited by monstrous shadow creatures that emerge at night but vanish at sunrise. One day, a plane crash-lands on this island, with the sole survivor being a human child. Wielding a banana sword in one hand and a banana boomerang in the other, you must defend the child from waves of shadow monsters until the rescue boat arrives in the morning.

Alice in Wonderland

Team Project - Tobii eye tracker (1 week)

My role- 2D illustration / Game Design

Alice in "Wonderland" is a game designed to play with Tobii eye tracker. Guests need to multitask when playing this game: both looking at the monster to stop it attacking Alice and also looking for the key while exploring the dungeon to get out from here.

Junkyard Heroes

Team Project - Vive trackers (2 weeks)

My role- 3D molding in Maya/ UI Design

Junkyard Heroes is a multiplayer music game designed to play with Vive trackers. Two players need to collaborate in order to defeat the evil trash monster.

Cyberpunk Restaurant

Team Project - ARon Hololens(2 weeks)

My role- 3D molding in Maya/ UI Design

Created a series of two AR games on Hololens that are consistent, highly interactive, and engaging experience that lets naïve guests feel like they have a lot of freedom in the choices they make. Used indirect control to make the worlds seem larger and richer than it really is.

Project Details



Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software

By developing prefabs for five AR/VR projects, the I learned to seamlessly integrate hardware and software components. This skill is crucial for creating immersive experiences.

Creative and Artistic Excellence

The visually captivating elements and thoughtfully crafted play flow contribute to the overall immersive experience, making the projects stand out and leaving a lasting impact on users.