NFT Product Design

An ethereal NFT collection personifying zodiac signs and constellations, uniting the cosmic and earthly realms in captivating artistry.

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NFT Product Design


My journey into NFT design started with a passion for visual storytelling, combining years of product and brand design experience. I crafted the celestial art project and utilized my UX/UI skills to create compelling websites for brands, streamlining NFT purchases for users.


The celestial  NFT Collection refers to a collection of non-fungible tokens that are inspired by the astrological signs of the Zodiac. These NFTs often feature unique artwork or designs representing each zodiac sign, and they can be bought, sold, and collected by individuals who have an interest in astrology or NFTs.

Product Case Studies

I studied four top NFT collections (Azuki, BAYC, Otherside, Cool Cats) to gain insights into the NFT landscape and market trends. Analyzing their success factors, design approaches, and community engagement, I gained valuable insights that informed the strategic development of the Celestial NFT collection.


Storytelling Prospects: Unfolding captivating narratives, promising exciting prospects in the ever-evolving world of NFTs.

NFT Art Quality & Rarity: Meticulously crafted and strategically curated, offering collectors unique traits and filtering options for an immersive experience.

NFT World & Gamified Metaverse: Embarking on a journey into a gamified metaverse, with bold plans for the future.

Community Engagement: Vibrant community actively engages on social media, fostering a secure and inclusive environment.

Utility: Holders enjoy exclusive benefits as the project elevates beyond traditional NFTs.

Physical Backed Tokens



In this NFT collection, behold the embodiment of personified constellations, where artworks unveil the Starborn in realms astral and earthly, weaving a celestial thread that binds two worlds as one.

Embrace these NFTs, for in their possession, collectors emerge as patrons of this ethereal-human alliance, as they traverse the juncture of time, venerating timeless tales and forging an eternal bond between the cosmic and the terrestrial.

Art Quality & Rarity

For the artwork creation procedure, I embarked on a creative journey with Midjourney as my starting point, utilizing Procreate to recreate the artwork, ensuring a harmonious look across the collection. This approach allowed me to infuse my artistic vision while maintaining consistency and coherence.

Website Design

Audiences explore a 3D space mimicking the real cosmos, seeking specific stars forming the 12 constellations. Intuitive filters help them discover corresponding NFTs, immersing in Celestial Legends' captivating world.


Delve into a specific NFT art's captivating details and symbolism, accompanied by a description revealing its celestial inspiration. Explore the rarity of different elements, from the zodiac sign personification to the celestial motifs, adding to its coveted status in the celestial realm.

NFT World & Gamified Metaverse

Celestial introduces an enthralling NFT World & Gamified Metaverse, where collectors embark on an immersive journey through the cosmos. With an ever-evolving landscape and thrilling gameplay, this celestial metaverse promises an exhilarating experience for NFT enthusiasts and space explorers alike.

Physical Backed Tokens

Going beyond digital representation, uniquely associating each NFT with a corresponding star in real space, bearing the author's name. This celestial connection adds a tangible and personalized aspect to the NFT, bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms and making each token a cherished and one-of-a-kind treasure for collectors.